WAMALUG: Meeting: January 10, 2004

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 115
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia

Christina displays a parrot sculpture by Eric Harshbarger.

It’s a gift.

Mike had 4501 Mos Eisley Cantina, 7469 Mission to Mars, the Brick Testament book…

…a salt and pepper shaker set, and a number of the magnet sets now available.

Cris built 4478 Geonosian Fighter.

Abe brought anker–stønes, a construction toy from Germany. Christina, Cris, and Greg check them out.

Cris, Ken, and Marian look through the club’s brick to see what could be used for the replacement display at the National Toy Train Musuem.

Marian brought 10124 Wright Flyer.

Greg was selling stuff.

Many’s the time we rely on Greg’s AirPort.

Ken shows off 6086 Black Knight’s Castle…

…and sets to building it.

Craig ordered a lot of 10069 Tree…

…and made a veritable farm of them.

Nick brought his haul from sales at Kohl’s and Target…

Your humble chronicler left early, so details of the rest of the meeting shall be sparse.

Rich and Linda build.

Aaron, Fradel, Nick, and Joe.

Christina, Linda, Rich, and Craig.

Jeff and Magnus.


Joe and his SPPlane.

Aaron and Jeff.

Fradel and Nick.

Sean and Michael.

It’s a start, the layout for the new display at the National Toy Train Musuem begins.

We have new members, Nick Kappatos and Jeff Byrd. Welcome!

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