The History of Wamalug at its Original URL .

The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area LEGO® Users Group is a club formed by Adult Fans of LEGO which has been meeting monthly more or less continuously since August of 1999. Wamalug is not an online LUG but with the continuing situation with Covid-19 in the region significantly hindering our ability to meet in person or conduct displays we have been video conferencing since April of 2020. Guests of any age with an interest in building or appreciation are welcome any time, please, learn more about our club. Looking further ahead? Check the Events stream for Wamalug at the LEGO Ambassador Network or the Calendar at or the Archives page here to see what we’re planning. Wamalug’s last activity was a video conference on Saturday, November 14, 2020.

The official Wamalug website has been a dot-com since 2007 but should be off-line or otherwise unhelpful again, the club offers some alternative sites of information on Facebook and elsewhere in addition to this site and its associated Twitter account. Wamalug is also a Recognized LEGO Users Group. There is a list on open to anyone and a closed Facebook Group in the name of both local clubs for qualifying attendees.

The History of Wamalug at its Original URL could still use help with who’s who at the meetings, links to photographs, and significant events for the timeline. Starting with the purchase of the domain on April 5, 2014, I built upon the work I had done as webmaster for WAMALUG a decade earlier to identify and document every subsequent meeting, event, show, display, and such like that WAMALUG and its members have participated in, flipping past 12,000 messages in the club’s Yahoo! Groups list, searching Brickshelf and Flickr repeatedly, and visiting the Wayback Machine at least once. Thank you for visiting.

I updated the logo for 2014 and from years gone by: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003. Promote the history of Wamalug at its original URL with this button and banner.