WAMALUG: Meeting: February 2, 2002

Granddad’s Hobby Shop
5260A Port Royal Road
Springfield, Virginia

Christina made the original announcement of the meeting on lugnet.org.us.wamalug and repeated the announcement on rec.toys.lego

The Greenberg show was a week away.

The town end of Bob’s layout plan was simulated on the tables in the back room at Granddad’s.

Rich’s blue station almost 2 years old now.

Bob had built a trolley which we hoped to control with an RCX.

Constantine had built a Wendy’s.

Aaron had borrowed Train parts to build an Alpha Team car.

Roy had completed his bar, built to make use of clear dish pieces and lots of black tilt brick bases.

Roy also brought his Cal Trans truck.

Other members bringing buildings included Margaret…

Bob and his son(s)…

Roy again…



and Fuzz.

Cris sat down and put together a few more of his row houses.

Sigh, still 8-wide.

Constantine had a variety of 6-wide vehicles, including a 1930s Studebaker…

a postal van…

…and an old police car.

Bohrok 8564 Lehvak released from its container!

Claudia worked on her game combining a train and the RCX.

Christina reported on the business meeting in the 2624th message to the members-only mailing list. We have been invited to place a display in the National Toy Train Museum in Strasburg, Pennsylvania and there is some interest in preparing such a display. Several people have submitted ideas for a logo. Voting on the members-only mailing list subsequent to this meeting means that we have a new member, Kenneth R. Rice. Welcome!

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