WAMALUG: Meeting: January 13, 2002

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 257
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia

Christina made the original announcement of the meeting in the 8696th message to the mailing list, repeated the announcement on rec.toys.lego, and repeated the announcement again on lugnet.org.us.wamalug.

Bob reported on the planning he has been doing for the layout at the show in February.

Greg had a grain elevator. Constantine had a ex-Conrail Dash 9-40CW and a number of cars (all in 8-wide) to go with it. Judy brought her sculpture of a dancer, now accompanied by a musician, and a number of smaller sculptures of animals and insects. Ken had an older set, 395 Rolls-Royce. Others brought their own creations and completed sets. Claudia and Marian coded intently at the back of the room.

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