WAMALUG: Get-together: August 10, 2000: Brick play at the Traceys

A private residence
Chris had to add the monkey himself—because Stephen forgot it!

The dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen on Sunday, July 30, 2000, was a farewell bid to Chris and Martha, as reported by Stephen in the 6075th message to the mailing list, and included a going away gift in the form of a baseplate’s worth of sig-figs.

Chris reported on one last session of brick play, at his house, in the 6210th message to the mailing list:

Rich and Mike (aka Timmy) came over today for some lunch and then we went back to my house and watched some Star Wars and played with some unsorted brick that was easy to get to among the packing. Christina came over after she was done with work and played a bit and picked up that bike i have been trying to get rid of for a long time.

Rich built the ship with the droid fighter parts and i built the cooler one (IMHO of course ;)... Christina built the... umm... hat.

anyway it loads of fun- you guys should really have an all day play soon. it's something the club hasn't done in a while. -chris

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