WAMALUG: Get-together: May 21, 2000: Show planning

The Atrium
1530 North Key Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia

Denise scheduled a planning meeting in the 4848th message to the mailing list. The Manassas Railway Festival was 2 weeks away.

Some track and Main Street laid out.

Tom comments on Chris’ locomotive as Stephen looks for parts.

Building in progress.

Another view of downtown.

Kevin’s corrugated Metroliner cars and other rolling stock take their place on the tracks.

Kevin’s multi-story buildings connect.

Everyone finds something to do.

Denise, Martha.

Chris makes an adjustment.

Heading out to the police helicopter.

Legoland 585 Police Headquarters from 1976 seems to be missing a television antenna.

Metroliner toy in profile. …back to the top of the page



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