WAMALUG: Event: May 14, 2004: Mosaic in honor of the Royal Wedding

Rich watches as Christina handles a constituent square.
The completed mosaic is a portrait of the couple.
The completed mosaic.
The LEGO® logo in each of the over 20,000 plates is lined up in the same direction.
An attention to detail.
The volunteers pose with their completed effort.
Left to right: Craig Hicks, Abe Friedman, Christina Hitchcock, Margaret Keys, Rich Schamus.

This LEGO mosaic was constructed by the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area LEGO Users Group (WAMALUG) to commemorate the May 14th wedding of Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Miss Mary Elizabeth Donaldson of Australia.

A representative from the LEGO Company contacted Christina Hitchcock to see if WAMALUG would be interested in building something for the Danish Embassy’s Party. A proposal was sent to them and they agreed to donate the material necessary to complete this project. WAMALUG would like to thank the LEGO Company for this opportunity and for providing the 20,745 elements necessary for its construction.

It is made up of 20,736 plates (all 1x1 plates)

It consists of nine 48x48 stud baseplates

All 20,736 individual plates were placed with the word LEGO in the same orientation.

There are five colors: black, white, and three shades of gray

Each one of the nine plates took between 3 and 4 hours to complete for a total of around 30 hours to assemble.

Steven Barile designed the program and worked with Christina Hitchcock to design and convert the image into instructions to build the Mosaic.

The Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area LEGO Users Group (WAMALUG) members who helped assemble the mosaic were:

  • Abe Friedman
  • Marian Hardy
  • Craig Hicks
  • Christina Hitchcock
  • Margaret Keys
  • Rich Schamus
Christina Hitchcock

Craig posted a notice of the completed mosaic to LUGNET.

This is how the intranet at LEGO® reported on this event:

LEGO mosaic of royal Danish couple

The Danish crown prince Frederik is getting married to Miss Mary Donaldson on Friday, May 14. The royal Danish/Australian wedding gets a lot of attention all over the world, including the US. Six LEGO adult enthusiasts in the Washington D.C. area have created LEGO mosaic of the groom and his bride-to-be. The mosaic is a gift to the Danish Embassy in the US for their wedding celebrations.

The LEGO enthusiasts - Abe Friedman, Marian Hardy, Craig Hicks, Christina Hitchcock, Margaret Keys og Rich Schamus, used 1x1 plates only. The plates are black, white and three shades of gray. Old gray, the fans emphasise, not new gray. All in all, 20,736 plates were used.

An official photo of the young couple was provided by the Danish Embassy and then turned into a building instruction using a program, designed by Steven Barile, president of International LEGO Train Club Organization.

The building of the mosaic took around 30 hours. All 20,736 individual plates were placed with the LEGO logo in the same orientation!

By Pernille Stanbury, Corporate Communications

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