WAMALUG: Event: August 1-3, 2003: LEGO® Road Show—Baltimore, Maryland

Port Discovery
35 Market Place
Baltimore, Maryland

LEGO® made the original announcement of this event on its web site as the LEGO® What Will You Make, Americas? Bonanza Road Show event.

Port Discovery is the Kid Powered Museum!

The indoor location meant we had to scrap the square train layout which would have fit under a tent.

At one end, a Space-themed area with creations from Aaron and Jim, Jim’s temple, and Judy’s sculptures.

At the other end, Roy’s fire station, Kevin’s city, and Town creations from Roy and Margaret.

Looks like Kevin took time for some sightseeing.

The view from inside included Aaron’s rover and the Foulds’ moonbase greenhouse module…

an array of sculptures including the official 3724 Dragon…

and the roof of Roy’s station lifted to show off the interior and the exhaust-handling ductwork.

The Special Interest Group for Train’s ambassador car found itself on a siding.

Maelee, Kevin, and Jim take stock.

One loop of track.

Judy previewed her completed sculpture—our new banner hanging behind her.

Tom joined the fun on Saturday.

Aaieee! It’s the attack of Abe’s ants…

…or are those cockroaches?

Roy’s fire truck and station.

Smaller sculptures of animals from Aaron.

The woman who might have been Rebecca atop the camel…

…and a peacock also built by Judy.

Another of Abe’s creations terrorizing downtown.

Jim was our coordinator for this event. He wrote a small wrap-up in the 4106th message to the members-only mailing list. Roy designed a flyer to hand out to visitors.

Metroliner toy in profile. …back to the top of the page




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