Wamalug: Design

Wamalug’s first look in 2000 made extensive use of everything… backgrounds, tables, graphics, ellipses… this is how it would have looked in Netscape Navigator 3.04 on MacOS System 9.

Site design as of August 23, 2001.

A successor webmaster worked in Macromedia Dreamweaver to give the site a new look by the summer of 2001, seen here just days before I took over as webmaster in 2003.

Site design as of April 19, 2003.

After I reduced the width of the right-most column by a percentage point to make Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 for Windows behave, this was the appearance in Mozilla 1.2.1 on MacOS Classic.

Site design as of May 14, 2003.

I developed an alternate stylesheet named Traditional to imitate the look of the first design.

Site design as of July 4, 2003.

Thanks to Windows 98 Second Edition running in an emulator and the admittedly limited capabilities of the Print Screen key, the appearance of the site in Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 6.0 meant I would no longer visit the site in any earlier version.

Site design as of February 25, 2004.

My design was continued for a few more months after my departure as webmaster and club member…

Site design as of April 2, 2005.

The next webmaster established a design which would survive the movement to a dot-com domain in 2007.

Site design as of August 19, 2006.

I purchased wamalug.org in 2014 and set about to recreate the earlier look with the triple columns on inside pages.

Site design as of December 26, 2014.

For 2015 I had a mobile-friendly, responsive web design written to validate to HTML5. Microsoft Internet Explorer persisted in applying :focus to the body element.

Site design as of January 27, 2015.

I switched from flex to grid in 2018 and abandoned most style declarations for older browsers in 2019. For 2020, I restyled the background effects for really large displays (seen here as simulated in Safari’s Responsive Design Mode).

Site design as of January 5, 2020.

I added a palette for prefers-color-scheme: dark . A change in webhost and delivery over https removed any need for support of older browsers.

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