Wamalug: Virtual Happy Hour: March 16, 2021


S2E11(44): the second season of Wamalug Masters Happy Hour continued with its eleventh episode. The sudden unavailability of the usual host set off a scramble for an alternate platform (or acceptance of the limits of a free account).

Tonight’s theme was “St. Patrick’s Day” (an ethnically-based celebration held the following calendar day). Galen Fairbanks announced himself the winner with what he described as a “Space themed green build” and Mike Harrod built a flag of Éire/Ireland (accompanied by a leprechaun and pot o’ gold). Ben Paczak built a quartet of minifigs in a pot o’ gold (pieces). Thomas Doggett built a drinking minifig with the flag, Caitlin Franzmeier built a four-leaf clover plant.

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