Wamalug: Terms

…Given any group of strange people, we will quickly develop our own vocabulary to describe things we all encounter.

To help people figure out what we are talking about half the time, this list was created to define some terms.

Terms we like to use around meetings and mailings

Adult Fan Of LEGO (someone 18 or over who still loves the LEGO hobby)
Big Ugly Rock Piece.
1×1 bricks. So named because when they are piled in the back of a hopper, they look like candy or chicklets. (See candy car.)
Candy Box
A box of candy. Alternate: a loader of candy for candy cars.
Candy Car
An open topped train hopper car. Preferably one used to haul candy.
Candy Plate
A 1×1 plate. (See candy.)
A 1×1 round plate. Related to candy.
Junior Fan Of LEGO. Someone under 18 who plays with LEGO. (Contrast to AFOL.) Superseded by Kfol and Tfol.
Kid Fan Of LEGO (someone 12 and under who loves the LEGO hobby)
Coined by Jeff Stembel, it combines the Japanese word for “obsessed fan” (otaku) and LEGO. It means Obsessed Fan of LEGO. :)
The sacred mascot of the club which should never be forgotten.
Mouse Train
The 4559 Cargo Railway. Because the engine looks like a little yellow mouse when it’s running on its own. Also, cats seem to go crazy in particular for this train.
The LEGO® Store at the Potomac Mills Mall.
A Piece that should be made Of Other Pieces. Tall bricks being a great example.
Repressed Adult Fan Of LEGO. An adult who secretly yearns for the LEGOs he loved as a child.
Single Purpose Un-LEGO-ish (or Ugly) Decorative element. Like Sebulba in the SW Pod Racers set.
Teen Fan Of LEGO (someone 13 to 18 who loves the LEGO hobby)
The subgroup of LEGO fans devoted to modeling towns, cars, trucks, and town-like things.
The subgroup of LEGO fans devoted primarily to modeling trains and train-related stuff.
A box of bricks that you Want to Have at All Times.

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