WAMALUG: Show: February 12-13, 2000: Greenberg’s Great Train and Collectible Toy Show

Prince George’s Equestrian Center
The Show Place Arena
14900 Pennsylvania Avenue
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Jeff made the original announcement of our appearance at the show on lugnet.org.us.wamalug

Our final layout was 10′×13′ with three independent train loops and somewhat more than 50,000 bricks. We were also able to set up an extra set of tables just out from the main display where we could set up other things (like the “eye-full” tower, with working elevator, and a Supercar display). The separate table was great as it let us play and build during the show. We used it to show off a “history of the Supercar,” including a motorized Technic 8448 Super Street Sensation.

Stephen managed to post his reactions in the 3173rd message to the mailing list already by Sunday evening.

An exhausting and exhilirating weekend! It was great showing off our models and even better seeing the great reactions we got from everyone—even those thugs from the N-scale groups… :-)

We were the major hit of the show. Greenberg all but begged us to come back. The one time I managed to break away from the table, I saw the other layouts and while they were nice, they didn’t have half the crowds of passers-by that we did! Not to mention the hang time we had—our crowds tended to stay longer and look at all the little details we had hidden all over the place (the fire and the protesters were my favorites, and the moving bank robbery was fun too).

A short list of the notably great things about our show:

On Monday, Chris had some clarifications and other highlights to post.

Martha had her own commentary:

I think we were very well received by the old school model railroaders—I noticed many of them bringing their kids down to show them our layout on Sunday.

A selection of Dan and Jenn’s photographs from the show:

Cars stuffed with stuff to show.
At first, the tables were a little bare.
A better view once we had things up and going.
Our other tables were used for non-layout displays and for tinkering.
Our Supercar display.
Kevin shows off his towers.
Two levels of trains (with a nice swimming river under the bridge).
Main Street of Wamalugvilletown.
We hid lots of little gems in the display like the kitty in the trashcan…
…a construction crew busy tearing down mainstreet…
…and the minifig-eating shark.
Downtown was alive with activity. Garbage had to be collected…
…construction crews had to eat lunch…
…a busy café served lunchtime crowds…
…warning: bridge out ahead…
…and what town hall would be complete without a protest?!
A very popular part of our display was the fire and rescue scene.
The train yard.
An engineer fixes the yard signals.
Throngs of people came to the show and they all stopped to marvel at our layout.
More than a few kids decided our kids’ play area was the end of the line for them.
Greenberg’s gave us a ribbon for our great display…
…we gave ourselves flowers.
All good things come to an end… we were out in record time (45 minutes)!

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