WAMALUG: Meeting: November 13, 2004

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 115
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia

Christina made the original announcement of the meeting on Lugnet.

Michael built 8451 Dumper.

Abe has been buying from the Pick-a-Brick display at Tysons.

Bob had an arch bridge and plans to build a lower table for it.

Kunie assembled ornaments for the artificial wreaths.

Ken built 4504 Millennium Falcon.

Rich built up his mountain tunnel.

Joe had micro scale helicopters atop a nameplate (and a tank that hid in a box).

Constantine had equipped both his HMMWVs with swinging doors…

…printed out sand-table training sheets…

…and built Bram Lambrecht’s HMMWV.

Philip had a construction of two 7419 Dragon Fortress…

…and sorted a lot.

Steve was selling brick.

Derek had a mosaic of his own face…

…his smoothly-surfaced pickup trucks…

…a train set…

…and Cartman.

Tom played with Spybotics vehicles and challenged himself to use every piece in each of five pod sets.

Jeff sorted and sorted.

Dan and Derek went to Toys R Us and returned with red tubs.

An unidentified man came in late in the day for a quick look at Magnus’ castle, the subject of his presentation earlier in the day.

The new 7239 Fire Truck held some interest.

Bob played the new BrickFest™ DVD put together by Todd.

A craft from Magnus.

Michael keeps us up to date on reading material (snowmen by Eric Harshbarger).

New Chairman Jim took his position seriously.

Guest Michael Collaco will be delivering the wreath constructed on the twenty-fourth to Timonium. No coordinator was identified for the Kena Temple Show in December and the host should be notified. Thank-you letters and volunteer surveys from Fall for Fairfax went to those volunteers who were at the event. Bob displayed the latest track plan and collected pledges of track for the Greenberg show next weekend. Do we have plans to replace the display at the National Toy Train Museum in 2005? Abe is making progress in having shirts embroidered with our logo and they should be ready by the next meeting. Some discussion of changes to or replacement of the Bylaws. The membership of two members in arrears was terminated by majority vote. A committee to revise the Bylaws was established under Article IV, Section 5 but the text of the resolution was not made public. Christina, Abe, Ken, Jim, Joe, and Todd are identified as members of the committee. We have a new member, Anthony Perez. Welcome!

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