WAMALUG: Meeting: October 3, 2004

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 115
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia

An unchallenged keystroke almost a year ago overturned the requirements of Article III, Section 4, Paragraph A of our Bylaws and some confusion resulted when the automated calendar at Yahoo! Groups sent out notices with the date given as the 10th, but those who pay attention to the website managed to attend. Those in the know find the place by spotting the Egg Yolk Yellow Ford Focus in the parking lot. Jim had previously put out a call for jet pack ideas.

Todd enjoys the operation of the main model of 4403 Air Blazers.

Todd snipped minifig labels printed with BrickFest™ slogans.
Joe had a cache of the BrickFest™ kits.

Mike set up 4512 Cargo Train.

Jim had an array of stormtroopers with a dizzying variety of backpack propulsion systems.
Also some pontoon craft.
Joe had responded to Jim’s call for ideas with a few jet packs of his own.
Potential styles of ornament for the wreath under construction.
Mike got his own container personalized with his member number.

Michael brought several locomotives and passenger cars but discovered his connector didn’t work.

HPT Designs now offers bricks with veneer.
Tom led a session of ROBOBASH, a game he is developing.
Kevin and Denise explored the pieces in 4679 Bricks and Creations.
One of Kevin’s creations from the 500-piece supplemental box.
Philip built a variety of sets bought in the “green tag” clearances at Toys R Us.
Magnus worked on a gatehouse extension to his modular castle.
Tony sorts through his Pick-a-Brick purchases.
Fradel contributes some excitement.

Fradel’s assortment of mecha.

Adam adjusts his own mecha.

We elected a new slate of officers including a Chairman who promises change. Our Elections Coordinator, Rich, held the voting online in the previous week, with 19 members in good standing responding. The attendees at the first dinner gathering on September 22nd were identified, but the carryings-on remain unreported. Todd, Joe, and Tony were thanked especially for their assistance at Fall for Fairfax yesterday. Abe is closer to placing an order for polo shirts with the colorful WAMALUG logo which are intended as a benefit of membership. Construction of the wreath for the KKI Festival of Trees began with a file in the LDraw format from Bob, with Mike and Todd assembling the plates. We have a new member, Todd S. Thuma. Welcome! The membership approved the display of one of the club’s banners at the NMRA convention next July.

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