WAMALUG: Meeting: September 11, 2004

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 115
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia

Christina made the original announcement of the meeting on Lugnet.

Michael brought an Advent set as inspiration for making ornaments.

Max had delta-winged spacecraft and a half-track and Bob brought 8436 Truck, but they left before the cameras came out.

Tony built 3579 Street Hockey and also had this 8369 Dirt Crusher RC.
Akos Kostyan, from Hungary, had Technic axles in an articulated expansible sphere…
…presumably inspired by the Hoberman® Original Transforming Sphere®.
Joe among those fascinated by the kinetic properties.
Joe had the Cousteau’s Calypso , Zodiac, and PBY Catalina, along with TRON lightcycles, a house, and a teleportation chamber.
Jim had two treaded weapons platforms and the train club containers obtained at BrickFest™.
Fradel brought mechs and fighters.
Nick had a police dropship and single-seat ships…
…and built 8588 Kurahk.

Denise had early-eighties sets mint in bags inside a red case she bought for $12.

Magnus, Nate, and Fradel waged battle.
Christina, John, Peter, Tony, and Michael built Designer sets.
Jeffrey has started building a ship from Z Gundam but foresees the need for another Statue of Liberty to continue.
Peter had a number of creations.
An unusual feature in an automobile.

Baseplates, trains, and volunteers are slated for Fall for Fairfax on October 2nd. The plan now is to build a wreath for the KKI Festival of Trees. A continuing series of dinner get-togethers is planned. Rich volunteered as coordinator for the elections required by the time of the October meeting. Nate proposes new guidelines to replace the charter, bylaws, and rules.

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