WAMALUG: Meeting: July 10, 2004

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 115
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia
Michael builds 10029 Lunar Lander.

Joe brought bricks engraved by Tommy F. Armstrong of HPT Designs.

Joe also had a SciBrick container.
A Klingon sonic disruptor pistol from Joe.
Nicely detailed.
Aircraft and airport structure by Joe.
A preview of the D.C. BrickFest™ commemorative set alongside a Klingon battlecruiser.
Another design from Jeff.
John built his house as MINI this time.
Abe has been sorting and building, and brought 8454 Rescue Truck and 8279 4WD X-Track.
Marian built 10151 Hot Rod.
So did Constantine.
Ken brought a full array of F1 and Ferrari racers…
8375 Ferrari F1 Pit Set, 8386 Ferrari F1 1:10 Scale, 8362 Ferrari F1 Racer 1:24 Scale, 8445 Indy Storm/Formula 1 Racer, 8461 Williams F1 Racer, and 8458 Silver Champion/Formula 1 Racer.

Bob had the Spider-Man® 2 movie (LEGO® version).

Judy brought four small items:
a Baba Yaga house
an urban synagogue
a Staten Island Ferry
and the Statue of Liberty.
Mechas on the prowl by Fradel…
…followed by a mechanized moose drive.
Nick’s yellow ship.
Souvenirs from Europe.
More containers (or proposals therefor).

Following a lengthy lunch period, Magnus managed to announce the theme of the building challenge: the sea.

A well-armed skiff from Abe.
Judy put together a school of fish and a sinking ship.
Joe and his seahorse.
Ken and waves breaking on a shoreline.
No matter what you may have read elsewhere, Michael built a striped fish.
Maelee offers up a sea dragon.
Jim built in multiple redudancies to the propulsion systems for this sea-going vessel.
Magnus deliberately produced a non-military submersible, although not everyone was convinced.
Constantine managed a very, very MINI strategic ballistic missile submarine.
Fradel had a space station - no, joke! - a lighthouse, a whale, and sailboats.
Dylan and his desert island.
John and Nick contemplate Nick’s creations.
Yes, that is a striped fish in Abner’s hands.
John’s contributions include the cedilla because it’s under the C and a plate of fish and chips.
Abe tries out a new camera.

A BrickFest™ meeting predictably split the attendance.

Yet another proposed container design by Constantine made with obsolete software.

There is sufficient interest in attending Fall for Fairfax. We are continuing discussions with Fair City Mall for a display there. Production of containers for the swap at BrickFest™ is approved with Jim buying the brick and Constantine designing the stickers, which will be individually numbered like the first series produced in the name of WamaLTC. Abe is proceeding on his proposal to obtain embroidered polo shirts. Two volunteers were identified for replacing the current representatives of WamaLTC to the ILTCO. Discussion as to the future of the Train SIG extended so long that Abner showed up while it was in progress.

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