WAMALUG: Meeting: June 13, 2004

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 115
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia
Christina represents her Georgetown townhouse for the Micro MOC-off.
Joe built a block of Durham businesses.
A Castle-theme establishment from Christina.
A house by Michael…
container cars from a design by Jeroen de Haan
and a cicada (Brood X emerged in May as part of its 17-year cycle).
Figures from Joe.

Christina showed off a Pick-a-Brick purchase, while Ken brought and started to build 8386 Ferrari F1 Racer in 1:10 scale.

Constantine was one of several attendees with the 10152 Maersk Sealand container ship.
Nick built 565 Moon Landing, a yard sale find.
10029 Lunar Lander makes for quite a comparison.
Jeff arrived with 4505 Sea Machines, 4506 Deep Sea Predators, 4507 Prehistoric and 4508 Titan XP Designer Sets from the Mall of America store along with other sets.
Judy returned with sculptures made possible with 7194 UCS Yoda.
Mike’s ambulance was highly detailed.
The operation of the side door was especially captivating.
There’s a drivetrain, too!
A train by Mike.
Our founder, Stephen, returns.

Magnus and Craig proposed a building challenge and kept the theme secret until the last moment: phobia.

Two full tables of attendees participated…
using loose K8 brick and parts from Designer sets.
Fear of falling, by Craig.
Fear of spiders, by Michael.
Fear of automobile insurance advertising mascots (?), by Mike.
Fear of snakes, by Judy.
Fear of swimming on an alien planet, by Jim.
Fear of flying, by Ken.

Nick produced a whole series of vignettes.

Fear of loneliness, the inevitable result of a robot’s longevity compared to organic companions.
Fear of crash landing on a hostile surface.
Fear of… ooh, wait for it… separation!
A game of Fluxx version 3.0 with Stephen, Nick, Abe, and Mike.
Some of those Deep Sea Predators attack Jeff’s Maersk Sealand container ship.
Jeff relaxes by building while listening to animé.
Craig built 8539 Manas and drove it around.
Christina distributed a Stanley Cup.
When Pat arrives there’s no paucity of creations.
Follow that mecha! Fradel listens as Magnus looks.

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