WAMALUG: Meeting: April 10, 2004

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 115
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia

Despite the provisions of Article III, Section 4, Paragraph A of our Bylaws, and the absence of a quorum in the vote undertaken to change the date, our April meeting was held on the Saturday prior to the second Sunday in April. No newcomers were apparent at this meeting in the middle of a holiday weekend.

The individual members of the outgoing Board take a corner each to start the business portion of the meeting.
Bob prepares to count the votes for the new Board.
The Foulds brought displays they had created for a school, which had to be 16 studs deep to fit the display cabinets, and which proved highly popular.
A construction scene of the near future.
A dinosaur-infested jungle.
Mmm, tasty.
Michael built 4500 Rebel Snowspeeder but left 4502 X-Wing Fighter for another time.
Joe’s Museum of Natural History.
Another hungry dinosaur.
Abe focuses on Joe’s building technique.
Ken brought 4750 Draco’s Encounter with Buckbeak, 4751 Harry and the Marauder’s Map, and 4695 MINI Knight Bus.

Abe was impressed with the concept and size of 8711 Master Accessory Kit. Craig built a spindly sculpture with his bricks from a Pick-a-Brick store. Nate had the same collection of new Harry Potter sets. The 4695 MINI Knight Bus especially elicited some comment for its variations in Brick 1×6 (3009) in Clear.

Joe and Magnus share a laugh.
Nate put together a train layout, and struggled to clear up difficulties with the motorized switches.
The new Chairman is so impressed with how things are going…
…like when Nate throws a switch at the wrong time. This was a stable configuration.

Christina had a rose (maybe the one built for her at BrickFest 2004 PDX? ). Joe did some sketching.

Rich brought 4852 The Final Showdown and 4502 X-Wing Fighter.

The Foulds are forming a Delaware Valley LEGO® Users Group. Constantine had an F40 built somewhat according to the Bob’s design but in the colors of the VRE.

Magnus had a powerful catapult built of Technic elements, but may have resorted to a non-LEGO® rubber band.
Jeff wasn’t worried—his soldier was armored.

Aaron Sneary sent us each a gift of Slope Brick 33 3×1 (4286) in Clear. Fradel had a number of fighter planes.

Constantine demonstrated his highly configurable HMMWV .
Last month’s H2 joins the newer 8-wide models.
A MonLUG-inspired SUV (which reminded Bob of a Range Rover) and 6-wide models of the HMMWV and H1.
Constantine and Mike stare in disbelief…
…won’t someone rescue the innocent 6-wide HUMVEE from the obsessive mirror-folder?

Webmasters Bob, Nate, and Constantine gathered around Bob’s HP Pavilion notebook and compared approaches to HTML.

Planning for the local BrickFest™ 2004 begins.

A majority has agreed to participate in whatever LEGO® plans to create and display for the party at the Royal Denmark Embassy on May 14th in honor of the wedding of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Miss Mary Elizabeth Donaldson. Invitation to the party NOT included. :-( The response to the possibility of a train display at Seat Pleasant Day is low. The train posters have arrived. BrickFest is August 13-15 this year. We elected a new slate of officers. Our Elections Coordinator, Bob, managed to eke out a second nominee for each position before the voting started. A later inspection of the completed ballots showed comfortable margins for each successful candidate. Departing member Greg Kramer was commended for his service to the club as Bookkeeper and Chairman and his small-town architecture will be missed.

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