WAMALUG: Meeting: March 13, 2004

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 115
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia
The McDonald’s LEGO® Sports figures that Michael brought impressed no one.
A red and gray diner is not yet complete.
Michael stumped visitors with his MINI recreation of a local eating establishment, but under questioning admitted that it was the Weenie Beenie in Shirlington.

Michael also brought LEGO® playing cards and the new book Getting Started with LEGO® Trains by Jake McKee.

Bob and Marian check out the robotic vending machine.
The bookkeeper becomes aware that a quorum is present.
Constantine brought a veritable traffic jam of 6-wide vehicles. Bob checks out the freshly-built Hummer H2.
The loop of new road plates reminded viewers of the Beltway (I-495).
The Ford Focus ZX attempted in 4-wide.
A variety of local police department and taxi company schemes on a vehicle inspired by Spencer Rezkalla’s Police Cruiser.
Yellow Cab in Arlington is orange. Constantine also had an historical overview of 6-wide Jeep creations with Fredrik Glöckner’s version and Mattias Martensson’s famous U.S. W.W. II Willys jeep.
Greg had his final sell-off before moving out of the area.
Craig had 580 Brick Yard in good condition and something identified as Plain Hunt Study #1 which might be a carillion.
Nate had a little red schoolhouse.
Joe offered a spaceplane and two buildings…
his entry in the P-38 Lightning Space Contest …
an XB70…
some sort of multi-armed robot?

Craig bought 5938 Oasis Ambush from Greg and built it, he also built 6441 Deep Reef Refuge.

Magnus’ castle just gets bigger every time we see it.
Sad Mac T-shirt wearing Gary brought 6075 Castle…
and military vehicles from Dan Siskind’s CD-ROM of instructions
built from parts in his own BrickLink shop .
Margaret and Abe brought contributions for the upcoming display at the National Toy Train Museum
which ought to be installed later this month.
Kevin’s communications (radio) tower.
Fradel had a number of fighters…
and an elaborate wheeled vehicle.
Greg was working on another scene from The Empire Strikes Back
and was looking for a way to secure the saucer pieces to the baseplate.

Nick built 4477 T-16 Skyhopper.

Fun was had with Knights’ Kingdom II 8771 Jayko The Rookie and 8773 Santis The Strong.
As Leanna built the 4403 Air Blazers helicopter, she shared her imaginative part-naming conventions. Gary looks over from where he is building 6054 Forestmen’s Hideout and enjoying wireless access to the Internet.

Joe’s 4349 Wild Pod caused some discussion.

Abe takes a break from all his picture taking.

We have a new member, Fradel Gonzales. Welcome! Bob is the coordinator for the elections in April.

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