WAMALUG: Meeting: February 8, 2004

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 115
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia
Michael’s mosaic/sculpture of Opus as he starts to build 4729 Dumbledore’s Office.
Some of Aaron’s figures…
…his entry in the P-38 Lightning Space Contest
…a microscale city (with flashing lights underneath it) and…
…Aaron embargoed information about his other construction. :-(
Aaron donated to the club the Znap bridge which he built for the Manassas show that never happened.
This is Aaron’s last meeting before heading to California to his new job as LEGOLAND® Master Model Builder!
Nate had armies: medieval, Union, and Confederate.
Work continued on our display for the National Toy Train Museum.
Rich brought his mountain to anchor one end.
Cris brought his houses for… wherever.
Craig bought the Milton Train Works MTW-5001 which arrived with an extra implement, Aaron looks it over.
627 Large Blue Baseplate adds to Craig’s kayaking scene.
Craig built 4500 Rebel Snowspeeder.
Constantine built a 1908 Thomas Flyer found on Brickshelf.
Then Joe arrived.
From North Carolina.
Jeff’s castle, high walls and all. Symmetrical, too.
Magnus’ keep.
Abe and the Foulds get to inspect Joe’s collection…
…including this Batmobile.
A mixture of scale and subject matter.
Viking Lander from 1976.
The Reichley daughter brought this house.
Ian ran this black GG-1 along a track with auto-reversing circuit.
Nick applied stickers in a SciBrick project.
Greg had a scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

We designated Aaron as Honorary Member by vote. We have a returning member, Rich Schamus, and a new member, Joe Meno. Welcome!

There was a dinner at Ruffino’s in Arlington after the meeting with Jeff S., Christina, Abe, Aaron, Constantine, Magnus, Ken, Suzanne, Mike, Jim, Maelee, Nate, Craig, Anne, Jeff B., Joe, and Fradel. If the club wasn’t allergic to the prospect of another rule, one mandating a minimum separation between Jeff B. and Christina would have been established tonight. Ow! :-)

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