WAMALUG: Meeting: November 8, 2003

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 115
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia
Nate’s large block of buildings…
…and handcar based on someone else’s design.
Christina had a number of purchases from her travels in Europe last month, and regaled us with tales of what she had seen and heard.
These magnets in the form of 2×4 bricks were a hit. It’s tough to get them back in the package!
Craig built 7150 TIE Fighter & Y-wing.
Craig’s cave painting…
…and representation of kayaking through a marsh.
Nick intent on building 4483 Imperial AT-AT.
Mike had 10090 Turkey.
Scientific research on the durability of ABS, no doubt.
Constantine chose to build 10027 Train Engine Shed.
Marian searches leftover Hallowe’en brick, she brought 10029 Lunar Lander.
Kevin and Denise check out Christina’s assortment of finds.
Former member Cletus brought an interesting assortment of four-wide vehicles.
Denise’s collection of clikits™ elements attracted attention.
Jeff and Magnus prepare to do battle.
Magnus’ ballista.
Fradel looks on.
Fradel’s assortment of battle mechs.
Matt builds.
A pole dance.
Kevin takes advantage of Cletus’ distraction to complete a vehicle.
Some of Jeff’s work finds its way into the battle.
Margaret built 8012 Super Battle Droid, and it found a home atop Nate’s buildings.

Abe, Marian, and Christina agreed to lend their talents to the project to replace our display at the National Toy Train Museum in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, which has been in there for 2 years. The project to re-design the club’s web site has reached the point where all previous activities have been documented in some way. We must pass on the invitation to display at the Festival of Trees in Timonium, Maryland, later this month, but we’ll definitely keep it in mind for next year. Our special interest group for Trains, WamaLTC, will display at the TCA WB&A chapter meeting on Saturday, November 29th. As the alternating meeting day seems to have worked out for most people, we’ll stick with it for now. A representative from First LEGO® League arrived and sought volunteers. No new possible members are reported.

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