WAMALUG: Meeting: October 12, 2003

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 115
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia

Christina made the original announcement of the meeting on lugnet.org.us.wamalug

Tom brought the Radio Shack exclusive 8376 Hot Flame RC car.
As it happened, so did Kevin.
And there was much enjoyment…
Michael had sculpted a Dudley Do-Right; he’d also built a 6353 Coastal Cutter from a BrickLink order.
Jeff managed to build 7419 Dragon Fortress, 7420 Thunder Blazer, and 3535 Skateboard Street Park. Mmm, 1×8 tiles.
Bob was willing to apply stickers in the NASA sets (he also had a 6950 Mobile Rocket Transport)—check out the digital photos of renderings printed out at Ritz Camera.
A strong showing from Space (SPACE!) at this meeting (Joe’s Mars Rover)…
Nick’s Excavation Drill…
and Astronaut.
Sean shows off The Legionnaire .
Aaron’s Astronaut Bust.
Surely a non-LEGO® figure at the control stick…
From military last month back to Castle again, Magnus’ keep in-progress.
First-time guest Craig took us at our word and brought his own creations. Sweet.
A Hyperdrive Booster Ring based on the instructions of Jason Allemann holding 7143 Jedi Starfighter.
The red robot.
The green robot.
The gray robot.
Fradel still building in duplicate :-)
Tile mosaic and colored-pencil rendition—interestingly, made in that order.
Claudia spent her time working on a ball drop detector using a light sensor. Here, she chats with Lewis (Mr. Glow his business card says).

Christina played the entries to the BrickFest’03 Animation Competition.

For those who missed their first appearance (at last year’s June meeting and at BrickFest™ 2002) Christina had her 7111 roofed houses on display.

Aaron and Joe, of SciBrick, were collecting Space and Mecha creations to accompany Joe on his trip to the Cosmic Rendezvous — An Evening Among the Stars Gala of the Challenger Center which is to be held on the twenty-fourth at the Westin Galleria in Houston, Texas (the creations are to be displayed there). Because the MarsHab built by Joe is to be auctioned off (perhaps never to be seen again) Joe was most pleased that it should be the subject of an extended photographic session.

We elected a largely new slate of officers as observed by our special guest from North Carolina. Perhaps some of the speed can be attributed to our Elections Coordinator, Abe.

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