WAMALUG: Meeting: June 8, 2003

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 257
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia

Constantine made the original announcement of the meeting in the 10064th message to the mailing list.

Michael and Tom put together a layout to display and run new Train sets:
4511 High Speed Train
Ooo, it lights up.
4512 Cargo Train (that’s Jeff’s mini-Star Wars X-wing on top of it)
4513 Grand Central Station
4514 Cargo Crane (in the distance)
and 10027 Train Engine Shed.
Christina, Aaron, and Denise inspect the new sets.
Constantine had two bridges built of Znap which he’d prepared for the canceled Manassas show with help from Greg’s inventory of black pieces.
This is what he built out of what he had left. For emergency use only, eh?
Christina brought stuff—she’s been building!
The interior of Christina’s octagonal tower.
L-shaped medieval town building with plenty of rooms.
Tom demonstrated RCX control of DCC -equipped Train motors.
Jim and Maelee brought a six-legged walker with a carapace and Galidor hinges.
Ken built the Orient Expedition 7416 Emperor’s Ship.
Margaret sorted Mega Bloks.
Ken built 7420 Thunder Blazer.

But the DCC -equipped motors stalled on switches.

Searching through the K8.
Jeff’s 8-wheel transporter.
Mars rover from Aaron.
Yes, it’s a space garbage truck—from Aaron.
John discovered bad news in one of the new Designer sets—a part that leaked clutch power-stealing fluid.
The set is almost closed…
…positions please, everyone…
…frazzled A.D.s scramble to coordinate the multiple cameras for the elaborate stunt…
…think Diaz, Barrymore, and Liu, I’m told. ;-)

Now that LEGO®’s closest event this summer will be in Baltimore, Christina will try to stir up interest from the membership in putting on a display. We are told emphatically that the Sunday pass option to attend BrickFest™ next month is no longer valid.

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