WAMALUG: Meeting: April 13, 2003

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 257
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia

Christina made the original announcement of the meeting on lugnet.org.us.wamalug

Christina brought a yard sale find and Margaret checked the parts content.

Aaron built a mini Imperial Star Destroyer.

Bob arrived with a track mobile with rail and road wheels…

…the high speed locomotive he has been building with the Jack Stone nose piece…

…the in real brick crawler he’s been hoping to build since making it in POV-RAY many years ago…

…and, oh, yes, his Budd Rail Diesel Car with the exquisitely rare 1×2×2 Window in gray.

Jim and Maelee had a mobile platform with Gatling guns…

…and a number of hatches that endlessly fascinated the attendees.

Margaret was suspicious of the green 40×40 baseplate she had come across…

…and had a few old sets, including the 570 Fire House which elicited a yelp of recognition from Cris.

Abe got busy sorting the pieces from his order of MindStorms parts from the educational division of LEGO® made through the efforts of Tom.

Nate says he has enough parts to build the Metrorail cars designed by Kevin and adapted by Constantine (who created a file in the LDraw format during February’s snowstorm).

A family came by to visit on the advice of the members of RichLUG with lots and lots of bagged sets and parts and seemed quite pleased with how much they were able to unload to the good homes of members and guests.

Magnus and guest Joe played BrikWars as Joe’s friend flipped through City Paper.

Michael spent the day building 4100 Maximum Wheels (a number of members had sets from the new Designer series on hand)

…and showed his own mini construction (a McDonald’s) and a mosaic of a tiger’s face compressed vertically.

Claudia and guest Michael had stuff to do on their computers.

A group photograph.

John G. Barnes, perhaps here for the BrickFest™ organizational meeting.

Aaron helped Abe sort through the order of parts.

Constantine experimented with ladders, Sean Kenney’s design for a Hummer H1 built in black behind—with tweaks, of course.

Jim plays with Designer 4099 Robobots.

Magnus intently judging the match.

We have no sponsor to put on a display at Celebrate Fairfax! this year. There is some interest in the club for the Make & Create event LEGO® is planning for Philadelphia later this year. Tom reported on the travels of the train club’s ambassador car to the home of Honorary Members Dan and Jennifer Boger. Abe handled the election of officers and reported the results.

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