WAMALUG: Meeting: March 8, 2003

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 257
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia
Christina, still denying that she has been seduced by Trains, eagerly set up a loop upon which to run the Harry Potter™ 4708 Hogwart’s Express which she built at the train club’s meeting last month but expressed dismay that Michael’s figure 8 loop had his 4565 Freight & Crane Railway diesel and three cars operating at a higher speed.
Jim and Maelee had Space cars on Train bogies and a number of small spaceships.
To accompany his loop, Michael had built a storage unit building.
Nate brought a control tower, a block signal bridge, and mini stuff.
Greg succumbed to the Switch campaign and had a new 15″ titanium PowerBook.

With one more Macintosh in the club, any hopes for new track designs from these members must rest upon the Virtual PC program because there is no Mac version of Track Designer.

Constantine displayed the sign he had hoped to place in our display at the National Toy Train Museum in Pennsylvania…
… and a number of Jeeps (which had been seen previously at the train club meeting in January but could now be compared to the original posted to Brickshelf by Mattias Martensson)…
…including a postal version in white to join his series of postal vehicles.
Judy’s sculpture of Rebecca had progressed to the next scale…
…including a flat version of the blanket as a preliminary to its inclusion upon the human figure.
Cletus couldn’t help but notice that Constantine had copied his design for a Mini Cooper—with tweaks.
Stephen played with his PC notebook.

Nate demonstrated the RCX control of a switch and a decoupler, but was thinking of including non–LEGO® light sources in his block signals. Constantine quietly designed a page for the train club site on his Apple Macintosh PowerBook 1400 while the first organizational meeting for BrickFest™ 2003 was conducted.

Officer nominations are sought for the elections at the meeting in April. The business meeting went on so long that guest Cletus arrived in the middle of it. Particularly contentious was the proposal of the train club to assess its own dues, and we were left with a reduction of the LUG dues to $2 and a one-time grant of $600 to the train club for such train-show related materials as it deems fit. A vote at the January meeting means that Nate Jacobs is our newest member. Welcome!

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