WAMALUG: Meeting: January 11, 2003

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 257
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia
Michael brought photographs of a small holiday train layout he had set up on a spare desk at the office, several small buildings, and this 3440 NBA Jam Session Co-Pack.
Jim and Maelee arrived with a chicken walker and three spaceships.
Claudia had several buildings where she is trying to combine MindStorms and Bionicle technology.
Claudia also demonstrated traffic signals built by John Barnes.

Ken had a number of the new Orient Expedition sets and the 2149 Color Line Cargo Truck promotional set.

Jeff also had Orient Expedition sets and the new Star Wars sets…
…including the Mini collection (the studs on the brick in the blister do work).
Abe had more of the basketball sets, but needed assistance finding the power switch for one of the Racer sets.

Roy brought along Legoland set 1966 (Garage, Truck and Carts).

Tom showed off a Baltimore & Ohio V-2 Lord Baltimore Hudson (4-6-4) steam engine and tender.
The Nosferatu -style automobile (driven by Dracula under a parasol, no less) and horse-drawn carriage just had to be by Aaron.

Bob had what appeared to be an ordinary Supercar (8880) but it was his first example, bought last year from the LEGO® Shop at Home Service in the first few minutes of frenzy after the announcement on LUGNET that they had discovered a few of this valued Technic set of a four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, mid-engined exotic in the warehouse. Guest Jeff showed minifig-sized weaponry made out of injection molded ABS. Constantine built the five sets in the Shell Service Station Series (1252, 1253, 1254, 1255, 1256).

Judy continued work on her sculpture of Rebecca and the camel, which may mark her first foray into Technic parts.
John Kornhaus, Macintosh user.
John continued work on a small part of his spaceship project, the corridor with the escape pods.
Christina inspects Steve’s pile of elements.
Abe in a characteristic pose—taking a picture.

A vote at the November meeting means that we have two new members, Jim and Maelee Foulds. Welcome! We had issues of the local City Paper with the article that featured WAMALUG and several members out for perusal. Although the newspaper does not appear to have the article online, Jeff has uploaded scans of the article to Brickshelf. The report is, our domain has been renewed. A motion to suspend the membership of someone who has not attended any meetings or events in a year passed. Planning for the train show next month continued.

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