WAMALUG: Meeting: December 8, 2002

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 257
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia
Aaron brought a Marsbase module with a planetary surface made of orange brick.
Bob and his Ultimate Collectors Series 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer in progress.
A rendition of the 7745 12 volt High Speed Train in a gray Metroliner guise from Bob.
Bob built the Technic 8431 crane in blue.
Michael offered a hearth and small gondola car and some small Christmas-themed sets.
Constantine was inspired by the 10037 Breezeway Cafe and built an urban version on a 16×32 baseplate.
Cletus arrived with ATSF equipment including a doodlebug and passenger car.
Michael built an ATSF car while Jeff built a locomotive (which he bought just for the parts).

Ken built some Chrome Knights sets (including Knights’ Kingdom 4818 Dragon Rider).

Aaron later brought out a few holiday-themed sculptures: a Menorah, some wrapped gifts…
a stuck Santa—definitely an Aaron touch
…a cornucopia and a turkey.
More space vehicles and houses from Aaron.
Nate brought a firehouse (here being inspected by Margaret)…
…to match his emergency equipment.

Greg demonstrated that he had mutilated some track to achieve a crossover that was 8 studs apart.

Then Greg built a yellow boxcar to match the white one he’d already built according to the suggestions of a MichLUG member.
Automation for switches, an interest of Greg’s.
Claudia took the opportunity of John visiting from New York to discuss sensors and MindStorms electronics as she plans another addition to future layouts.

Claudia also demonstrated the MindStorms RCX system to guests Cletus and Nate.

Pat extended the Insectoid line by including newer parts from the dinosaurs and the whales. (Abe left this photo huge —it’s worth it!)

Reporter Joe stopped by again for a few last-minute questions.

Let’s hope that the wamalug.org domain has been renewed properly. We resolved to investigate storage space for our train layout tables, as the next train show we hope to attend is in February. We still don’t know how much space we will have at the show, and no one volunteered to design a layout anyway. No one built a holiday ornament, either.

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