WAMALUG: Meeting: November 9, 2002

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 257
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia
Aaron, in recognition of his election to the position of Chairman at the last meeting
…had a minifig ensconced in a very much oversized chair in green brick.
Roy had his minifig-scale model-in-progress of the fire station where he volunteers.

A number of members (including Bob, Christina, Abe, Judy, Marian, and Ken) undertook to sort the brick received as part of the project to assist the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program at Potomac Mills Mall last month into equitable portions for those who participated in the building sessions which resulted in the numerous pumpkins and the collaborative skeleton.

Aaron also had the structures he’d built for the Fall for Fairfax event.
The church where Aaron plans to marry, that is, a miniature thereof.

Michael built a Metroliner Club Car.

Abe came across an old set.
Tom painstakingly (he brought a micrometer) glued together sheet styrene in an attempt to shim the axles in the gray wheelsets that are included in the recent ATSF releases from LEGO® Direct.
Tom discovered, after running the train sets for a time, that there had been no improvement in running efficiency. However, it is a consolation that no LEGO® element was mutilated.

Tom also had two of the blue passenger car included in the train set currently available at Target. Returning guest Nate offered a selection of firefighting and EMS vehicles, and the Ultimate Collector’s Series 10026 Naboo Fighter.

Nate joined the BrikWars game with Aaron and Claudia (Aaron and Claudia with another guest).
Judy returned from a trip to Russia with an Explore catalog in Russian, photographs of a rendition of an Orthodox church in LEGO® elements (some of which appeared to be a gold color), and souvenirs of the subway system.
Judy’s sculpture in the form of a multicolored wall.
Kevin has started on a skyscraper and had completed the first story…
… complete with entrance…
…and loading dock.

Jeff parted out three Alpha Team 6776 Ogel Control Centers.

Several members expressed an interest in participating in NELUG’s ornament creation for auction activity this season and will get together later for a building session. Volunteers are needed for coordinating the Greenberg’s Toy and Train Show we hope to attend next February, but the presence of Macintosh users in the club hinders the use of Track Designer. :-)

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