WAMALUG: Meeting: September 7, 2002

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 257
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia
Aaron brought his spaceship Trundeller (an aging tiny CRU-D class transport)…
…a blue-and-yellow Cessna single-engine airplane…
…and a number of small flying vehicles.
Michael had built a 7-11…
…a Goodyear service shop…
…and a guitarist.
Continuing to represent appreciation of classic sets, Roy brought Space 6950 Mobile Rocket Transport and LEGOLAND Town 1484 Townhouses.
To display his 6-wide vehicles, Constantine ordered all four styles of the new Creator road plates.

Abe had a stack of some sort of LEGO® certificate thanking the bearer for helping to save the galaxy, a promotion in connection with Star Wars sets at Toys R Us.

People pawed through a bin of old, discolored parts that Jeff got from a neighbor.
Christina made do with the lack of new Castle sets by building the Harry Potter 4709 Hogwart’s Castle.
Aaron, Magnus, Claudia, guest Nate, and others held a BrikWars game.
Constantine surprised Cris by building the Alpha Team 6776 Ogel Control Center…
…he also had the Studios 1382 Scary Laboratory on hand to build.

Late arrival Robert had an interest in MindStorms programming.

WAMALUG will be attending Fall for Fairfax on October 5th, and volunteers are needed to bring displays and work the tables.

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