WAMALUG: Meeting: August 11, 2002

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 257
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia

Christina and Mike, among others, contemplated the K8 piece selection. Constantine brought the containers sent to the club under the program of an international organization of LEGO® train clubs and had a unit train of spine cars to carry them in pairs.

Roy built the Color Line promotional 1955 Cruise Ship set from a damaged box and made much of the 2-wide bodies of the car and truck meant to fit inside the ferry.
Thomas had some renderings to display.
Brian brought the new radio control racer.
Stephen had the Island Extreme 6738 Skateboard Challenge built.
Richard had some older Technic sets along with him, and built the prop plane.
Jim and Maelee drove from Pennsylvania to join us, and had with them a four-legged, heavily jointed fighting vessel that had aboard a few robotic dogs each made of two battle droid bodies and lots of arms…
…and a tank that some members agreed looked like a G. I. Joe vehicle.

Charles and his daughter were disappointed there were no Space-heads among us this time around, for they had a Moonbase-compatible module mostly in the form of a Belville castle (lots of force fields keeping the inhabitants of that module alive on the moon).

Carlos dropped by to see what we were about, and hopes to bring his creations next time. Much amusement, from Stephen among others (as he related in the 9507th message to the mailing list), was to be had in a game of Munchkin (Ken had brought along some miniature figures for game play). Kevin popped in for a few minutes, and had made some revisions to his Sumo’bot. Constantine had quite a bit of disassembly in store (he called it going to the crusher or meeting the wrecking ball) which had little room for entreaties from onlookers. Magnus built the Harry Potter 4709 Hogwart’s Castle set.

We did not have a quorum for this meeting, and also expect a lack of attendees for the important semi-annual meeting in October when we elect new officers. We may try to alternate Saturday and Sunday for the day of the meeting over the coming months. Assistance in maintaining the web site is desired. Issues which would confront a new Board are the amount of the dues (currently $5) and an expenditure to digitize our logo (selected in April) to permit ordering shirts. Christina had a Wal-mart display from April of last year to show, it was intended to promote the original Racers line. There was some stuff left behind after BrickFest™ 2002 —Jenny Johnson, don’t you want your handicapped-accessible schoolbus back?

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