WAMALUG: Meeting: July 14, 2002

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 257
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia
Aaron had a The Fifth Element -inspired police vehicle with an operating feature.
Greg brought his completed adaptation of the 10020 Santa Fe Super Chief in the colors of the Union Pacific, along with a matching passenger car.
Greg’s track automation machines.
Roy had a number of old sets, showing the differences between markets for a particular set.
Constantine had a few vehicles to carry the swap containers we expect to receive under the program of an international organization of LEGO® train clubs, and had an example of the one WamaLTC sent as its contribution.
Mike had a representation of the DEA building in Pentagon City in black and sand red.
Magnus had a structure of two houses with an elevated passageway between them.

Jeff had examples from the new Island Xtreme Stunts and Studios Scary Monsters themes.

Margaret had some older sets she had bought on eBay.
The 6484 F1 Hauler that captured the attention of a few members.
Claudia continued to refine her time and distance game programming with the RCX, NQC, and a train.
Kevin’s planned entry for the Sumo’bot competition at BrickFest™.
Kevin’s construction looked complicated but was alleged to accomplish nothing at all.

The vote at the June meeting means that we have a new member, Michael C. Harrod. Welcome! Officers reported on our finances and the prospects for a display of trains or our other creations in the next season or two. There was a digression on the availability of cypress trees. Members of the Train SIG (WamaLTC) made a decision or two on their participation in BrickFest™, and started planning the layout of the track. The BrickFest™ organizers convened the last preparatory meeting. Although the thirteenth represented the third anniversary of the first post to RTL that started the events which led to WAMALUG’s existence, at the end of a rainy day, no one had the energy for dinner.

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