WAMALUG: Meeting: June 22, 2002

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 257
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia
Aaron’s spaceship…
…shipping port…
…and church—with a standoff in progress.
Bob had a large, unfinished flying wing.

Denise built a few small Technic sets.

Tom built the big new Star Wars 7163 Republic Gunship™.
Cletus was working on a base for his 3450 Statue of Liberty sculpture.
Christina had a series of three houses that used Star Wars 7111 Droid Fighter parts for the roof.
Jeff continued to dip into his 3443 Mosaic-fueled supply of 1×1 plates to create the walks around a building.
Magnus had a castle entrance built.
Constantine had the 10024 Red Baron with 81 pieces substituted.
A few of Constantine’s displays from the Manassas Railway Festival for closer inspection.

Officers reported on the expenses for the banner, business cards, and safe. The timing and location of our next train show Event is unsettled. We do NOT have a policy of lending any so-called K8 brick.

Surely Constantine built Stephen’s proposal fairly.
Not nearly as bad as I expected—just one reaction to Constantine’s tourist trolley.
Constantine knew there was no hope for this 8-wide proposal (but it could run on Train wheelsets).
The selection was first seen at our show in Manassas.

We selected an ambassador car for display among the others at the convention of the National Model Railroading Association in Florida next month. Although the majority vote was for a passenger car, and kind words were spoken for the vehicles prepared by members Stephen and Constantine, the decision of the SIG was to select a trailer on flat car designed by Constantine as the ambassador car. Cletus pointed out that the reporting mark should be WAMZ or WAMU depending on whether the cargo is a trailer or container. Constantine will modify and strengthen the car and apply labels with an appropriate reporting mark.

Yet another 8-wide locomotive from Constantine accompanies his four proposals for container construction.

The club also agreed to participate in the container swap among the various LEGO® train clubs in the United States and around the world. The purchase of bulk bricks from the LEGO® Shop at Home Service was authorized, and members plan to get together for the assembly and label application in the next 2 weeks.

Claudia at work—or is that play?
Brian builds.
Bob, Tom, Cris.
Aaron and the Star Wars 7119 Twin-Pod Cloud Car™.
Claudia reaches for sustenance as the BrickFest™ planning meeting continues.
Will this meeting never end?
Aaron chats with a guest.
The pieces fit together to form a wheel.

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