WAMALUG: Meeting: May 12, 2002

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 257
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia
The new board starts the business meeting.
Tom had a Technic 8868 Airtech Claw Rig built.
Roy had a big railroad station.
Judy had the university publication with Eric Harshbarger’s buildings on the cover.
Ken and Judy take a look through the K8.
Progress on Constantine’s Pizza Hut continues.
Judy built a slide rule.
A BrikWars game, The Battle for Buttercat, was held.

Although Constantine’s sixth logo proposal was selected at the last meeting, his development platform of WordPerfect didn’t lend itself to making web-ready graphics. Abe worked in Macromedia Freehand 9 and exported attempts to recreate the logo in GIF and Flash versions. Claudia used Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 Anniversary Edition to create JPEG versions with a different font and more applied effects. In an early morning post (2:21 a.m.) as the 2894th message to the members-only mailing list which Constantine entitled When in doubt, throw money at the problem he announced the purchase of Corel Draw 10 (a vector graphics program) to create 96dpi GIFs without dithering in the colors, a clear tag line, and plain letterforms. The size of the diamond shrank to accommodate the 468×60 size of web banners. Claudia continued with her revisions, creating 72dpi JPEGs, but there was no positive response. After the meeting, Constantine posted (500×150) pixel versions of the logo, one in the default colors Corel Draw supplied for each color name and another in colors according to the CMYK chart at baseplate.com :

WAMALUG Logo from 2002: yellow 1×1 brick top.

The attempt to control the length of the business meeting was a failure, as the discussions continued past lunch time. Aaron designed a layout for the display we plan to have at the Manassas Railway Festival, but he won’t be able to attend. Volunteers are needed for Celebrate Fairfax! the second weekend of next month. With the creation of Brick Events LLC earlier this year as a liability shielding measure for the organizers of BrickFest™, WAMALUG has no further connection with the event beyond the participation of its members. The date of our next meeting conflicts with an event, and we will have to post a poll about which date to move the meeting.

Jeff followed up with a post announcing his photographs of the game to lugnet.org.us.wamalug. He described the mission of the pirates in the 9268th message to the mailing list:

The pirates are trying to steal the research on the new Buttercat* drive system that some scientists are working on in a science lab on the ship…

* A drive system based on the fact that Cats always land on their feet and bread always lands butterside down. Thus, if you drop a piece of buttered bread to the back of a cat, it will spin in midair, thus creating an immensly powerful and unlimited powersource! :D

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