WAMALUG: Meeting: March 10, 2002

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 257
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia

Christina made the original announcement of the meeting on lugnet.org.us.wamalug

Tom sits back after laying out the track and attaching the DCC and tries the system out.
The non-LEGO® portion required.
One of many new 10020 Santa Fe Super Chief locomotives brought to the meeting.
Tom had been working on his own coaches.
Bob, Fuzz, and Brian.
Constantine had a Metrorail car built in imitation of the shorter rendition Kevin had displayed at the show in February.
Time to pull up the track.
Margaret had an alphabet set of letters carved into the sides of 1×1 bricks from the guys who did the badges at BricksWest.
Constantine has started another restaurant.
Michael has a train car.
Bob had a S.H.A.D.O. interceptor from the UFO series.
Bob also had a GG-1 locomotive with all those wheelsets.
Greg was working on converting the Santa Fe Super Chief set to the colors of the Union Pacific.
Margaret, Marian. That’s Margaret’s WAMALUG EXPRESS tractor trailer.
Christina already planning for BrickFest™.
Looks like Ken can hardly believe he’s our newest member.

The nominations for directors (to be elected at our semi-annual meeting next month) are not going well as several people have already declined. As for club shirts, comes the classic question Don’t we need a logo first? (we’re still gathering suggestions).

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