WAMALUG: Meeting: November 11, 2001

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 257
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia

Christina made the original announcement of the meeting on lugnet.org.us.wamalug and repeated the announcement on rec.toys.lego and in the 8497th message to the mailing list.

Jeff brought his airship and played BrikWars much of the time.
It’s just a friendly game, right?
Jeff’s buggies.
Tom’s armed steam engine.
Aaron’s bulldozer.
Christina’s blue elephant and John’s Arctic-sourced equipment.

Death and Destruction at the November Meeting!

Aaron reported:

As usual, a game of BrikWars was played. However, quite unusual was the inclusion of Christina Hitchcock, Tom Cook, and John McMahon. Other players were Aaron Sneary and Jeff Stembel. There were many observers during this game. Also new to WAMALUG’s tradition of BrikWars was a Tom’s Steam Engine, fully equipped with blasters and lasers, and Christina’s Bloated Horse trick. She managed to keep most of her troops behind good cover by replacing a dead Guarded Inn Mistake with a large Basic Blue Elephant. John actually went to the Outlet for Rock Raiders Figs and an Arctic Snowplow just for the game. Jeff’s fast, well armed buggies made quick work of Aaron’s armored vehicle. Tom’s Steam Engine took out several of Aaron’s drivers, only to be blown out of existence when its boiler was shot through. John’s Cat-Faced car devoid of a driver slammed into Aaron’s Bulldozer (also devoid of a driver) and the two exploded into big hunks of brick. Then word came of another explosion, from the other room where Aaron’s Space Freighter attempted a headlong jump off the table. Rescue and repair crews are still working. The official winner of this month’s game? Tom Cook, for being eliminated as quickly as possible and getting to go back to trains. Thanks to everyone who played or watched.

Cletus, Kevin, Jeff, and Stephen build some of the new Harry Potter sets.
Roy brought his collection of catalogs and items to trade.
Judy’s work on her Bukharan dancer sculpture has continued since the October meeting.
Constantine brought two little police cars and these Dash 8-40C locomotives, extended vision cabooses, and a hopper car loaded with Technic friction pins.
Abner brought his latest acquisition, a large boat.
John “Fuzzface” McMahon brought his stadium for Manas combat.
Stephen’s new house…
…complete with interior.
Fradel joined us again…
…he likes to build in multiples.
Aaron’s latest creation was destroyed by Cletus.
Constantine’s Norfolk Southern extended vision caboose was built 7-wide.
Bob’s latest project, the ICE.
A box car from Tom.
Aaron’s truck.

Christina distributed Hallowe’en Duplo blocks and coupons. Constantine’s locomotives did not run through switches, and Cletus gave him a hard time about the size of the vents on the Dash-8s. While Cletus and Tom are on the 6-wide side, Bob and maybe Stephen appreciate 8-wide construction. Christina may have built a red box car.

We have new members: Roy Gal, Claudia Coles, Constantine Hannaher, Judy Miller, and Marian Hardy. Welcome!

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