WAMALUG: Meeting: October 14, 2001

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Room 257
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia

Christina made the original announcement of the meeting on lugnet.org.us.wamalug and repeated the announcement of the meeting on rec.toys.lego and in the 8363rd message to the mailing list and repeated the announcement on rec.toys.lego a week later.

Margaret built a brick mosaic of a witch, while Christina modified the Ghost and Bat from instructions which used to be found at the Hallowe’en portion of the LEGO® site.

Christina, Rich, and Margaret ponder while Constantine reads.

Kevin brought 6383 Public Works Center and 6397 Gas N’ Wash Express—original, older sets which he seemed to enjoy making and playing with: Vroom GHHH errr (all under his breath, as if he thought no one would notice). Jeff brought a number of the new Harry Potter sets for review. Roy brought LEGO® thimbles and some instructions from his collection. Constantine had built 8466 4×4 Off Roader. Aaron had built some SUVs, this time working in 7-wide. With the K8 out, cubes and spheres were built. Fuzz stopped in to see what we were all about and brought his collection of Bionicle masks.

Judy laments the useless parts in her blue tub as she builds.
Judy’s sculpture of Alla, a Bukharan dancer.
Rich had his kiosk construction book.
Jenn, Denise, and Kevin chat while Dan and Tom race Metroliner locomotives.

Bob brought his new (just arrived) Legends 10001 Metroliner (which was announced at BrickFest in July) as well as his 4-4-2 steam locomotive and tender set from last month. Tom brought a variety of new Train offerings (the My Own Train series) and lots of track. All these Metroliners, now affordable because of the reissue as a Legend from LEGO®, and the temptation to race them was difficult to resist.

Abe and Marian discuss MindStorms™ with Claudia.
Aaron, Marc, Jason, Fradel, and Jeff engage in a TL2 BrikWars game.
Siege equipment arrayed…
Was anyone able to take my keep? Of course not! It was too well defended!!

Mwahahahahahaahaha!!! Jeff exulted in the 8435th message to the mailing list, but admitted that it could have been because three of the four attacking armies had to leave early… Jason followed up, in response to Magnus’ musings on siege warfare, in the 8447th message:

We did have a trebuchet, which was gate busting. Also a covered battering ram, two ballista, and a siege tower for getting over walls.

It was great fun, I thought. If we could have gotten the giant army Marc had in we would have had it, but alas, his men went poof and disappeared, then mine dissolved ethereally. It was fun to get toasted by archers from the tower and skirmish ground troops. In about 5 more turns we would have mopped up the troops outside the castle and would have had to dive into the K-8 to build sappers or something.

We have a new member, Aaron M. Sneary. Welcome!

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