WAMALUG: Meeting: October 22, 2000

George Mason University
George W. Johnson Center, Assembly Room D
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, Virginia

Christina made the original annnouncement of the meeting on lugnet.org.us.wamalug and later made the 6599th message to the mailing list which included more detail on the building and the room reservation:

The room is reserved under the Client Name: Golden Key National Honor Soc. - (Team Building Workshop) he he he :-).

The inventory list of Margaret’s gear set.

Tom reported on the meeting in the 6621st message to the mailing list, emphasizing the A in Christina :

Activities included:

Towards the end of the day, we discussed the Charter, and I think made much progress. All the major points were discussed and a consensus was reached. Next, ChristinA will revise it and we can re-ratify it!

Greg appreciated the way everyone was friendly and inviting to a newcomer.

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