WAMALUG: Meeting: August 19, 2000

The Atrium
1530 North Key Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia

Stephen reported on the meeting in the 6266th message to the mailing list:

…Well, that was a great meeting yesterday. Hope everyone had as good a time as I did!

Things we did:


Nathan reminded everyone of another activity:

Don’t forget the fun with the pull-back motor carnage. =) Somebody (I think it was Kevin) came up with an idea for a kid’s show called Larry’s Hopper Cars or something like that, I thought that was hilarious. =)

Stephen followed up:

For those who missed this fun, Kevin and I were sitting on opposite sides of the room with a ramp in the middle. One would pull back the motor and send it to the ramp, the other would throw one of the LEGO® soccer balls trying to hit the poor defenseless motor while it was in the air. It was hilarious! Pieces flying everywhere! More destruction than BrikWars!!

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