WAMALUG: Meeting: October 14, 1999

The Atrium
1530 North Key Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia

Denise reserved the community room in her condominium building and let the mailing list know but no public announcement was made. She followed up the meeting this way:

The meeting was great! We need to take an inventory of all the track everyone has so we can do a more complete layout plan. I've got 48 curved, 18 straight, 1 cross and 2 points. I also have two motors and two regulators.

In reponse to Chris’ question, Stephen reported on the meeting this way (except that his confusion between Diane at work and Denise at the meeting has been corrected):

...I suppose this is as good a time to send a note about it :-)

...The meeting went pretty good! We met at Denise's place, which seems like a good meeting place for many of us. She's got access to a big ol community room with lots of floorspace to spread out on, and its easy for many of us to get to from work.

...So it was me and Denise, we grabbed tons of bricks and track and laid out a rough outline of the size of the tables we have so far (leg-less tables, but tables none-the-less :-). We played around with track layouts some and talked lego lots :-)

...Josh ended up showing up and he brought along some of his excellent military models! his tank is _great_!! The little touches have to be seen :-)

...Josh doesnt do trains (yet >-) but he's going to tinker with some ideas for a military transport train and perhaps some military style buildings for the layout. (I was thinking of perhaps a military airbase installation next to the proposed airport).

...We talked lots about our lego pasts, where the group can go, some designs and ideas on trains and buildings and layouts... Denise and I tinkered a bit with how to make a roundhouse work and how to integrate those 4x4x5h transparent round canisters from timetwisters into a train (I think she needs to make an alien transport train :-)

...We even had a number of ppl wander past the open door and wonder what we were up too showing lots of interest in our little obsession :-) So next meeting we may have to advertise it in her building (but not by flyer!!!! ;-) and we can get an audience :-)

...It was lots of fun and I'm sorry more ppl didnt show up, but it was kind of short notice... (I _hope_ that 3 is not the normal number of ppl we can ever get to meetings!!!) we'll plan the day better next time and hopefully more of us can show up! (what day of the week is good for everyone? I'm free any nite)

...How bout we start tinkering with days of the week shooting for like the first week in November for next meeting?

...We need some buildings next time just so see what we all have. And anyone working on a bridge yet? :-)

A previous edition of this web site offered this description of the meeting:

...We had our second meeting on October 14th. Stephen, Denise, and Josh showed up. We actually set up some track and tinkered with layouts and trains. Josh brought some of his excellent military vehicles (hope to get some shots of his wheeled tank up here soon). It was a great meeting!

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