Wamalug: Media: February 5, 2020: Five Wamalug participants (and local train builder Monty Smith) appear on Good Day DC on WTTG-TV

Five Wamalug participants and local train builder Monty Smith joined host Holly Morris on Good Day DC on WTTG-TV for “LOCAL LEGO BUILDERS LIVE IN THE LOFT” on the morning before the premiere of the LEGO Masters series.

Rich Schamus in WamaLTC shirt discusses his modified and extended modular constructions with host Holly Morris
Host Holly Morris talks with Paul Neureiter in BrickFair polo about combining art and engineering
Walter Lee, also in a WamaLTC shirt, describes his Modular Moonbase construction and Technic sumo competition cars
Mike Harrod talks building as therapy as hosts Holly Morris and Kevin McCarthy hold his mosaics of Tweety and Dilbert
Monty Smith has invited host Kevin McCarthy to demonstrate bascule bridge operation
Joshua Hamilton shows off his Wayne Manor and a selection of the 60 Batmobiles through history he’s built

Monty Smith promoted BrickFair Virginia, the “World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour” on the upcoming weekend, and upcoming displays at the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum. Wamalug was mentioned once by a shortened name but no URL was mentioned or seen.

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