Wamalug: Media: February 5, 2020: Ten Wamalug participants appear on Fox 5 News at 10 on WTTG-TV

Ten Wamalug participants gathered at the Brickmania store in Chantilly, Virginia where reporter Josh Rosenthal contributed two segments for Fox 5 News at 10 on WTTG-TV for “LOCAL LEGO MASTERS SHOW THEIR CREATIONS” in the hour after the premiere of the LEGO Masters series. Denise Jadud reports that she was among those on-scene who were not seen on-air.

Reporter Josh Rosenthal teases at the top of the hour
These participants say they enjoyed the first episode of LEGO Masters
Thomas Johnston is asked how long it took to build his Coaster/Ninjago mashup
Rosenthal plays up Rich and Linda’s marriage to emphasize that builders are also passionate
Rich shows off the detailed interior of his LEGO store modular construction
These participants could not come up with another Afol term when asked

Wamalug was mentioned by a shortened name but no URL was mentioned or seen, its 20-year history as a club was acknowledged.

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Local Lego masters get creative at Brickmania