WAMALUG: Get-together: June 25, 2000: Table-building barbecue

A private residence in Burke, Virginia

Tom Cook reported in the 5701st message to the mailing list (slightly edited):

I would like to thank everyone who attended the "Table Building Meeting" yesterday. Everyone worked hard (in sweltering heat and humidity) and we completely finished 12 more tables (for a total of 26).

Tom continued with a long list of participants (which included his father) and identified the specific jobs each accomplished. Building the tables required operating the grinder, driving starter nails, assembling the table tops, constructing leg assemblies, attaching hinges to the leg assemblies, attaching the leg assemblies to the table tops, attaching the feet, sanding the tables, brushing away the sanding dust, applying stain, and cooking the food.

I'm sure I missed some things [please let me know], but the point is everyone was so productive that I couldn't keep track of all the work. It was very impressive to see how we all worked as a team and accomplished so much, especially for our first time building tables together.

Tom couldn’t keep track of who brought food, though. Although this get-together included a number of guests who had met the membership at the show in Manassas or at BrickFest earlier in the month, it is not identified as an official meeting.

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