WAMALUG: Event: September 27, 2008: 8th GWAC Youth Art Fest

Reston Town Center
Open-Air Pavilion
Reston, Virginia

The GWAC Youth Art Fest (formerly known as Children’s Art Festival) is a celebration that brings together professional artists, artisans and performers to share their work and talent with children and their families. The goal of the GWAC Youth Art Fest is to expose children to a variety of artistic mediums and to work directly with professional artists in developing their artistic talents. The Youth Art Fest is an opportunity for young artists to get inspired in a fun and educational environment. Proceeds from the event will go to benefit Devotion To Children, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Devotion to Children is committed to providing access to high quality educational and childcare programs for children aged six and under from economically disadvantaged families.

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