WAMALUG: Event: August 27, 2004: Opening of the LEGO® Store at Tysons Corner Center!

LEGO® Store
1961 Chain Bridge Road
McLean, Virginia

Members of WAMALUG descended on the new store and scarfed up commemorative Duplo bricks, admired the exhaustive selection of new product, and marveled at the Pick-a-Brick wall with 120 elements.

Terry Prosper’s minifig takes a breather between two of the commemorative Duplo bricks.

Margaret enters the store, on the lower level of the regional mall (also home to the Apple store).

Magnus raises a cup in salute as WAMALUG members and guests line up in front of the Pick-a-Brick wall.

Manager Dan keeping an eye on things.


Nick helpfully demonstrates how to use the wall.

It’s like there’s studs everywhere!

Subsequently, dinner at Slade’s in the mall.

Ken, Suzanne, and Kevin.

Christina evangelized for clikits™ with the waitress every chance she got.

Linda, Fradel, and Rich, while in the background Derek peruses the menu for the dessert options.

The long-suffering minifig manages a sip.

Kevin and Denise take a break afterwards.

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