WAMALUG: Event: October 5, 2002: Fall for Fairfax

Fairfax County Government Center
12000 Government Center Parkway
Fairfax, Virginia

Christina made the original announcement of our appearance at the event in the 9565th message to the mailing list:

WAMALUG will be participating in the October 5th, Fall for Fairfax event, at the Fairfax County Government Center.

Fall for Fairfax is an annual event that is designed to be fun for the whole family. The emphasis is on interactive exhibits for families with the focus on health, fitness, safety, educational and environmental issues (guess which category LEGO falls in to:-).

The LEGO outlet will provide the basplates basic brick and Duplo and we provide the "support" It is basically a big FreeStyle building event.

The LEGO® Outlet Store and WAMALUG contributed to offering children attending Fall for Fairfax an opportunity to build with LEGO® elements. For the adults, we had a table’s worth of display. Claudia and Michael alternated running the Time, Speed, Distance RCX-based train game with varying degrees of challenge depending on the age of the player.

Constantine set up an oval of train track and had running a small freight train with the train club swap containers and the 10020 Santa Fe locomotive and five cars. Christina and Aaron had prepared a five-foot long set of facades for the back edge of the table. Aaron also had a contemporary house built to a prototype in a photograph and an 8-wide garbage truck. Roy had several buildings and a number of 4-wide cars which got lost among the garbage truck with its big orange body, the 6-wide postal vehicles, and the car from Harry Potter 4728 Escape from Privet Drive.

Members observed children building, did some construction of their own (Aaron was especially on a roll with the Grim Reaper, a skeleton, and a road-kill rat with RIP tombstone on hand), and fielded questions. The first a in WAMALUG stands for the same thing that the first a in radar does, folks.

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