WAMALUG: Event: March 23, 2002: BrikWars Gaming Day

North County Government Center
12000 Bowman Towne Drive
Reston, Virginia

An in-between meeting to accommodate Magnus being on this side of the Atlantic.

Fradel had a multitude of space military figures and vehicles.
Magnus offered a military helicopter…
…a castle…
…and some boats.
Aaron had military vehicles.
Roy had recently purchased old sets.
Constantine had a train car made up almost entirely of Technic parts carrying a Bionicle.
John had creations built from Rock Raiders sets.
Greg built his recently purchased 6951 Robot Command Center.
Margaret also had an old set to build.
Constantine still working on the matter of a new logo for the club.
Magnus, Jeff, Roy, Aaron.
Aaron, Claudia, Fradel.
Brian, John.

While Jeff, Aaron, Claudia, Magnus, John, Fradel, and Brian played BrikWars, Constantine, assisted by Christina and Roy, disassembled some older projects. Afterwards, some went to Pizzeria Uno for dinner. Voting has already begun on the logo selection.

Jeff later posted links in a message to lugnet.org.us.wamalug to two folders on Brickshelf with images from BrikWars games on March 30th.

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