WAMALUG: Event: February 16, 2002: LEGO® MindStorms Mayhem at the National Building Museum

National Building Museum
401 F Street N.W.
Washington, D.C.
The goal of MindStorms Mayhem was to collect the most balls in a timed run.

As part of National Engineers Week 2002 and the launch of a new volunteer program from DuPont and the American Society of Civil Engineers with WGBH-TV Boston for engineers to work with students in grades 1-6, the ZOOM™ Into Engineering Family Festival was held at the National Building Museum and over 5,000 attended (said to be the largest attendance ever at this museum). LEGO® presented MindStorms Mayhem , a game of remote control robots (with both’bots and controllers made with MindStorms Robotics Inventions System), and a Saturn Rocket “make-and-take” event where children built a small model to take home with them. There was also a LEGO® Construction Zone (play area) where visitors could create their own engineering marvels. The event was free and open to the public with no registration required and appropriate for children ages 6 to 13. Bob was our contact person for this event. Members of WAMALUG volunteered to handle the bot competition, demonstrate programming techniques, and keep an eye on the construction zone.

Entrance to the DuPont Free For All LEGO® Construction Zone
These are the boxes of LEGO® elements (box of size K8) that were purchased by DuPont for the EWeek event…
…the sheer number of gray and yellow Technic beams pained the enthusiast’s heart.
The children built many tall buildings and two boys built the Twin Towers.
The LEGO®-Saturn Make-and-Take construction event was in this room.

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