WAMALUG: Event: December 29, 2001: BrikWars Gaming Day

Reston Regional Library
11925 Bowman Towne Drive
Reston, Virginia

Jeff posted a message with links to photographs and their descriptions to lugnet.fun.gaming, cross-posted the message to lugnet.org.us.wamalug, and sent it as the 8692nd message to the mailing list.

Overview of The Ruins, defended by Aaron’s monstrous forces.
Jeff’s Army.
Claudia’s Army.
Magnus’ Army.
An Amphibious Kalamari grapples a hapless Orc.
A Giant Land Kraken awaits a victim while a Dragon keeps watch.
An Elephant Rider patrols the perimeter.
Another overview shot.
Jeff’s knights slay a dragon while the hapless Orc’s comrades attempt to rescue him.
Magnus’ Champion charges and slays a poor Troll.
The other troll flees, while the scent of blood draws a Tyrannosaurus and Cerberus.
Two of Claudia’s knights, who slew a pair of Giant Hill People, are slain by two Humanoid Platypii, while another Amphibious Kalamari grapples a Giant Orange Platypus.
Crunchings and Munchings!
Wide shot of the previous picture.
Another shot of Claudia’s “betorsoed” knights.
The Tyrannosaur enjoys his feast.
The Cerberus gets a meal, as well.
Close-up of Cerberus, with Aaron’s Champion nearby.
Jeff’s knights slay another dragon and a Horrible Green Thing and attempt to slay a crocodile while the Orcs slay the Kalamari and rescue their companion.
Another overview.
The Wand of Overgrowth was guarded by a ghost.
The Land Kraken attacks one of Jeff’s knights, while one of Claudia’s knights is carried over to Jeff by a horse possessed by a Horrible Green Thing.
The Elephant tosses a Giant Orange Platypus at one of Claudia’s knights, but isn’t able to kill him.
A pair of Humanoid Platypii slay another of Claudia’s knights.
Magnus’ Crossbowmen manage to slay the Tyrannosaur and Cerberus.
Jeff’s knights converge on the ruins while the Orcs flee.
Another angle.

That’s pretty much the point at which they had to stop, unfortunately, since the library was closing. Jeff did get a final fireball into Magnus’ crossbowmen, however.>:D

Jeff offered Claudia and Magnus pictures of their other creations.

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