WAMALUG: Event: September 29, 2001: Fall for Fairfax

Fairfax County Government Center
12000 Government Center Parkway
Fairfax, Virginia

Christina made the original announcement of our participation in this event in the 8171st message to the mailing list.

WAMALUG will be participating in the September 29th Fall for Fairfax event at the Fairfax County Government Center.

Fall for Fairfax is an annual event that is designed to be fun for the whole family. The emphasis is on interactive exhibits for families with the focus on health, fitness, safety, educational and environmental issues—guess which category LEGO falls into :-).

We are looking for volunteers to help answer questions and/or man the tables. This is a great opportunity for anyone that has wanted to come out to one of our events but hasn’t been interested in the train shows we participate in. We are still working on the specifics, but we are trying to secure space to do a small LEGO display of our own that will incorporate themes like castle and/or space, instead of the usual trains.

The LEGO outlet will provide the plastic and we provide the "support."

Cletus, Abe, Cris, Christina, and Margaret pose with some of the flags built with children at the event from LEGO® elements on loan from the Outlet at Potomac Mills.

A big thank you to everyone that came out and helped at the Fall for Fairfax event. We came up with an interactive project for the children to help build. In keeping with current issues, we built American flags out of LEGO® bricks. The children and their parents searched for the brick and made suggestions, while WAMALUG members assembled the brick. The largest flag is still assembled and on display at the LEGO® Outlet.

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