WAMALUG: Event: October 7, 2000: Fall for Fairfax

Fairfax County Government Center
12000 Government Center Parkway
Fairfax, Virginia

Denise made the original announcement of our participation in this event in the 6553rd message to the mailing list:

The Store is doing an event at the Fairfax County Government Center this Saturday 10-5. Anyone who wants to come volunteer and help with the play area is welcome. Set-up is 7-9:30. We will have 5-6 tables in a 20x20 area. Tom S. is bringing brick and baseplates and a soccer field. Kevin is bringing the playtable and buildings and track.

There was never an answer as to who “Tom S.” was supposed to be.

Cris commented on his experience in the 6568th message to the mailing list:

That was fun, if not a bit chaotic and crowded. It was good to see you all again even though some of the group seemed to be playing hooky. :-) Sorry I wasn't able to set up or take down. Hopefully I'll be able to join you at the next meeting or something. Toodle-ooo!

Stephen explained that his family wandered back outside to get something to eat and drink (and found that the lines were crazy out there), and they just didn’t mess with going back. Greg had his own perspective on the event in the 6574th message to the mailing list:

My wife and I (and our baby … important to remember that now that we're new parents) showed up. We walked past the Lego area and I was really hoping to meet some of you.

But it was incredibly crowded there, and at the time we were there it looked as though someone (a TV crew?) was filming something.

I saw the "downtown" buildings from a distance... those looked like the same ones from the last train show. Whose creations are those? And who was the tall guy with the Time Cruisers shirt on?

So I didn't get to meet anyone in person. Hopefully I can show up at the meeting in a couple weeks.

Denise followed up in the 6576th message to the mailing list:

Mike (in the Time Cruisers shirt) and I were there from the store. Christina, Cletus, Abe and Kevin were also there; Cris had left by then. The tv crew was the Fairfax County government channel. The buildings were all Kevin's.

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